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DuPontTM Cirlex® is a thick all-polyimide laminate sheet material that has been developed to fill the growing requirement for thick polyimide materials. Cirlex®  is used for a wide variety applications in several industries including semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, medical/life science, industrial, and electronics.

If you are looking to replace current applications using ceramic or Vespel®, or upgrade to new high-performance polyimide materials, Cirlex® thick all polyimide laminates offer material flexibility and an expanded range of thickness options unattainable with cast resins or laminated constructions using adhesives. Offering the excellent chemical, physical, thermal and electrical properties of DuPontTM Kapton® in thick sheet format allows us to engineer and fabricate components with superior capabilities and durability. Fralock is the exclusive worldwide licensee and manufacturer of Cirlex®.

Characteristics and Features:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemically inert
  • Dielectric Strength up to 7000 volts/mil
  • Glass transition temperatures up to 351°C (663°F)
  • Low CTE, 30 ppm in-plane at temperatures below -269°C (ASTM E831)

Available in thicknesses from 8 mil (0.2032 mm) to 125 mil (3.175 mm).

  • Thermal: Temperature range from -452°F to 664°F (269°C to 351°C)
  • Flammability rating, UL® 94VO
  • Electrical: 2790 volts/mil @ .009” (.23mm)
  • Chemical: Impervious to most organic chemicals, solvents, fuels and lubricants.
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  • NASA outgassing requirements
  • Flammability requirements of UL-94V-0 (UL file #E39505)
  • Inherently halogen free
  • Maintains its mechanical properties at extreme temperatures, from cryogenic-269°C (-516°F) to over 300°C (572°F)
  • Monolithic polyimide construction with no adhesive weaknesses
  • Readily modified by machining, drilling, laser machining
  • Thermal & dimensional stability
  • High performance – dimensional stability over high temp range: -452°F to 664°F, 94 V-O flammability rating.
  • Thermal cycling tested from -186°C to 150°C

How are Customers Utilizing Cirlex® ?

 – Encapsulated shims

 – Gaskets and Seals

 – Electrical Insulators

 – Standoffs and Spacers 

 – Electrostatic Chucks  

 – Flexible Multizone heaters

 – Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits

 – All-Polyimide Flex Cables  

Encapsulated shims
Socket with EMI Shield
Flat Cables
Electrostatic Chucks 
HDI Rigid-Flex Circuit

If your application requires high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, low outgassing, durability, and chemical resistance, you need Fralock’s all polyimide adhesiveless laminates.

For more information about Cirlex® , READ THE WHITE PAPER.  Let us help you engineer an optimal solution for your application.

Cirlex® and Kapton® are registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. used under license by Fralock.

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