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Many processes in manufacturing rely on efficient transfer of heat. Fralock’s thermal interface solutions provide conductive thermal management using advanced materials that spread heat and enable uniform thermal distribution and thermal transfer, or block heat to prevent thermal transfer. These products are used for a wide variety of applications in many industries where temperature management is critical for optimal performance.


Spreading heat can improve thermal uniformity in some applications, inhibiting heat buildup in some areas, and creating thermal balance in a system. Thermal spreading and heat transfer materials are typically graphite, metal, and conductive elastomeric or silicone-based films, or combinations of the these materials.
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Thermal blockers are used to stop heat transfer for increasing system efficiency or for touch protection. Thermal Protection Barriers are used for preventing overheating of electrical components and touch protection. Materials are typically polyimides, silicone foams, and combinations of these, which can be combined with thin metals for structural integrity. Materials can be stacked to provide protection from scratches and static build-up.

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Fralock has pioneered the development of Teflon-encapsulated polyimide for plasma protection. Used in semiconductor etch processes, components made from this material extends the lifetime of Teflon materials by mitigating deformation of Teflon components.

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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a phenomenon that occurs when electronic devices, equipment or systems are exposed to electromagnetic sources – either man-made or naturally occurring – that results in electronic disturbances. These perturbations can range from minor temporary disturbances like a power spike to outages causing permanent failures such as data loss, system failure, and even loss of life.

Fralock provides EMI shielding solutions to protect signals in your devices and equipment from disruption from EMI sources.

Let us assist you with your next project to design, engineer and manufacture an advanced material solution for thermal blocking and spreading, plasma protection or EMI. Fralock can help overcome your manufacturing challenges to enable competitive positioning for your organization.

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