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Thermal insulation is achieved by materials that retard or slow the transfer of heat from one surface to another. Thermal blocking is required for a variety of processes, and Fralock offers effective and durable solutions using specialty polyimide materials and silicone foams that are available in various custom shapes and sizes, and thicknesses. DuPont™ Cirlex®, manufactured by Fralock, creates a highly effective thermal break between two surfaces.

Thermal Spreaders – We offer effective thermal spreaders to assure uniform heat dispersion across an entire surface (with TC-XY surface >200 W/m∙K). An example is Fralock Thermal Spreader AS, which functions as a gap filler and thermal spreader, and reduces thermal resistance, eliminating heat retention. Similar function materials include graphite, metal foils, and thermally-conductive gap fillers.

Gap Fillers – Thermal gap fillers are thermally conductive materials that eliminate air gaps between interfacing components and enhance efficiency of heat transfer. Fralock offers high thermally-conductive silicone rubber gap fillers (with TC-Z surface as high as 17 W/m∙K) as thin as 0.3mm. We can assist in selection and precision manufacturing of complex thermal management fillers with very high thermal conductivity in the thru-plane, providing excellent heat transfer.

Thermal Interface Solutions

Polyimide offers several benefits for thermal blocking, and is manufactured in thin sheet form, which is then machined, laser cut, or etched to fabricate the component that satisfies your needs. It is monolithic, with no adhesive weaknesses.

Fralock polyimides are available in a wide range of size, thickness, and material properties, and is an ideal material for thermal stand offs, heat blockers, lid rings, gaskets, and washers.

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Thermal Spreader AS

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