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Seals and gaskets comprise important functions in commercial and industrial product manufacturing industries. Seals prevent leakage, hold pressure, and can prevent contamination where two components interface. A gasket acts as a flexible spacer placed between two mating components. Gaskets are typically manufactured with materials that are more malleable than their surrounding components to fill in ridges or gaps caused by surface irregularities. Their main function is to form a stable air-tight seal between components that are usually bolted together. The gasket must be able to resist breakdown under specified temperature, pressure, gas or liquid conditions.

Seals and gaskets may be circular, rectangular, or any shape, with thickness from 3 mils to 500 mils, and are used for heat management, vacuum containment, electrical isolation, vibration containment/management and plasma protection. Fralock’s array of materials for custom seals and gaskets includes silicones, fluoropolymers, elastomers, metal foils, polyimides and Teflon-type materials.

A subset of seals and gaskets are plasma-resistant material components. In semiconductor manufacturing applications for example, exposure to plasma causes rapid deterioration of materials, and ultimately to electrical properties of the device. Materials that are suitable for plasma protection are fluoropolymers or Teflon-like materials.

Fralock has pioneered the use of Teflon-encapsulated polyimides for this application; a Teflon layer provides plasma protection, and the polyimide core provides structure and thermal protection to ensure extended life of the product.

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  • Plasma-resistant seals, gaskets, shims for semiconductor manufacturing
  • Valve sealing in industrial applications
  • Vacuum Seals
  • Wet Seals
  • RF Isolation
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Electrical Isolation

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